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Debts can sometimes become overwhelming or too much to handle due to many different circumstances. We work with consumers to settle accounts and resolve collection issues favorably and for much less than the full amount owed. If it is not clear that you owe the debt to the debt collector, or it is not clear how much is owed, the debt collector may be willing to settle, sometimes for pennies on the dollar. Our approach is to find any available legal arguments or violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that may offset the amount and then we negotiate from a position of strength.

Debt Settlement can be a good option to avoid bankruptcy, lawsuits, and to often pay much less than the full amount owed.

A good settlement may be easier than you think. Most Debt Buyers (professional debt collectors who buy bad debts in order to collect on them) purchase accounts for a few cents on the dollar, so it is not worth it to them to engage in lengthy and costly lawsuits when they’ve only paid a small amount. And, because debt collectors and debt buyers file lawsuits en masse, the loss or settlement of just your account means little to them when they win most of their cases.


Culik Law can help you or your business settle your individual or business debts. Whether it is a credit card, line of credit, vendor account, bill for services, or other account, we can help.


Some of the companies we have settled debts with include:


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